November 1979 - HQ SAC

April 1980 - Washington, D.C.

December 1980 - Nellis AFB and Houston

September 1981 - Europe and NATO

May 1982 - Washington, D.C.

July 1983 - HQ SAC

September 1983 - Europe and NATO

May 1984 - HQ MAC

July 1984 - Alaskan Air Command / Alaskan NORAD Region

September 1985 - Europe and NATO

June 1986 - Edwards AFB and Vandenburg AFB

October 1987 - HQ SAC

May 1988 - Norfolk and Langley AFB

February 1989 - San Diego

May 1989 - Ottawa

August 1989 - Altus AFB, Little Rock and Scott AFB

February 1990 - San Diego

April 1991 - US Southern Command, Panama

June 1992 - Ottawa and Washington, D.C.

May 1994 - Patrick AFB and Charleston AFB

October 1994 - McDill, Homestead, McGuire and Scott AFBs

May 1995 - Washington, D.C.

June 1996 - San Diego

September 1996 - Nellis and Vandenburg AFBs

June 1997 - Washington, D.C.

February 1999 - Nellis and Vandenburg AFBs

March 1999 - Washington, D.C.

August 2000 - Ramstein AFB, Germany and Eagle Base Camp, Bosnia

October 2000 - Ottawa and Montreal

August 2002 - Alaskan Command / NORAD Region

August 2002 - Cold Lake Alberta / NORAD Region

May 2003 - Washington, D.C.

September 2003 - San Diego, San Francisco, McChord AFB

March 2004 - El Paso, Tyndall AFB, Key West

September 2004 - Cape Cod, Ottawa, Duluth

June 2005 - Langley AFB, Norfolk, VA

September 2005 - Washington, D.C.

August 2007 - 20th Air Force, F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne Wyoming

October 2007 - Langley AFB, Cape Canaveral, FL

May 2008 - National Training Center, Fort Irwin California

June 2008 - El Paso, Tyndall AFB, Key West, St. Augustine, Charleston

January 2009 - Fort Polk, LA; National Training Center

April 2009 - Naval Station, Mayport, FL; Langley AFB; Andrews AFB; Norfolk Fleet Forces Command; NORAD Air Defense Sector; Rome, NY

October 2010 - Buckley AFB Helicopter tour to High Altitude Ttraining, Eagle, CO

August 2011 - Vandenburg and Beale AFBs

January 2012 - Colorado National Guard Armory; Greeley NG Station; Fort Carson Air Burst Range

February 2012 - 21st Space Wing, Shriever AFB;  Buckley AFB Refueling and Blackhawk Tours

August - 2012 Civic Leader tour with GEN Jacoby, Commander, NORAD/USNORTHCOM

August 2012   50th Space Wing briefings, orientation and tour, Schriever AFB

August 2012 - Better Angels 9/11 Exhibit Ribbon Cutting, COS Fire Department

September 2012 - AFSPC 30th Anniversary Salute at Broadmoor

September 2012 - Dinner with Condoleezza Rice at the Broadmoor

October 2012 - 21st Space Wing Briefing and Reception

November 2012 - Annual Colorado Thirty Group Military Appreciation Christmas Party


January, 2013 - Visit FBI Regional Office, Denver

February, 2013 - Tour of Sierra Nevada Corporation, Louisville, COFebruary, 2013 - Tour of Space & Missile Defense Command, Peterson AFB

April, 2013 - Space Foundation Symposium

April, 2013 - Tour & lunch with US Air Force Academy Cadets

May, 2013 - Welcome Reception for MG Paul LaCamera, Commander 4th Infantry Division and Ft. Carson

May, 2013 - Colorado Thirty Group Trip to Washington, D.C.

July, 2013 - Serving Those Who Serve; History Colorado, Denver

July 2013 -  Farewell reception for Lt Gen Mike Gould, Superintendant, USAFA

Aug 2013 - Tour and lunch at Air Force Space Command Headquaters, Peterson AFB


2014 Activities

Jan 17        Community Briefing Luncheon.  Guest:  Major General Allen Batschelet,

                  Commander, US Army Recruiting Command; Doubletree Hotel

Feb 23-25  CTG Trip to SOUTHCOM and USCG Miami Sector 7  (See NEWS page)

Apr 29-30   Civic Leader Tour with AF Space Command

Jun 7          CALFEX, hosted by CO National Guard

Jul 28          Reception for GEN Shelton; Penrose House; 5:00pm

Aug 15        GEN Shelton Retirement and Change of Command

Aug 26        Community Briefing by Major General LaCamera; 11:30-1:30

Aug 26        Welcome reception for Lt Gen (S) John Hyten 5:00pm-Penrose House

Sep 3          State of the 21st Space Wing; Peterson Club

Sep 11        Community Commemoration of Sept 11, 2001 at Cheyenne Mountain AFS

Oct 22         Visit 1st Stryker Brigade at Ft. Carson  

Nov 14         Luncheon for Vice Admiral James Syring, Director, Missile Defense Command

Dec 1          Special Recognition for GEN Charles Jacoby, Commander, NORAD/USNORTHCOM

Dec 1          Annual Military Appreciation Holiday Party-Broadmoor


2015 Activities


                        Commander's Conference

                        Visit Buckley AFB

                       10th Special Forces Group; Ft. Carson

                       Welcome Ceremony for new Commander; Ft. Carson

                       Air Force Space Command visit and briefing

                       Tour and Briefing by Commanders at CENTCOM & SOCOM, McDill AFB, FL

                       Observe satellite launch from Cape Canaveral, FL

                       Tour of USS Bunker Hill, CG 52, San Diego, CA, C

                       Tour and landing on USS John Stennis, CVN 74


                                                        2016 Activities (partial listing)

                     Welcome to new commanders at NORTHCOM & Ft. Carson

                       Visit to Buckley AFB and Blackhawk flight to Ft. Carson

                       Visit US Air Force Academy and lunch with Cadets

                       Observe CALFEX at Ft. Carson

                       USS Colorado Christening ceremony in Groton, CT


2017 Activities

May 16-19     D.C. Visit to Pentagon, Capitol Hill, & Canadian Embassy

Aug. 28         Tour & Briefings at Schriever AFB, 50th Space Wing

Aug 15         Farewell for MG Ryan Gonsalves, Penrose House

Sep 11          Sept. 11 Commemorations in Colorado Springs

Oct 10          CTG Presentation of USS CO sculpture to City Council at City Hall

Nov 14         Tour & Briefings of 4th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB)

Nov. 27         Annual Military Appreciation Holiday Party at the Broadmoor

Dec 8            Reception to celebrate 100th Anniversary of 4th Infantry Division


2018  Events

Jan 5            Commander's Conference-USAFA Falcon Club  
May 11-12    Co-host for 60th Anniversary of NORAD

May 24         Change of Command at NORAD/USNORTHCOM

June 26        Co-host of Luncheon featuring Lt Gen Jay Silveria, Superintendant, USAFA

July 1           Canada Day Celebration at Penrose House

July 19         Host for luncheon for Maj Gen Mike Loh, Adjutant General, State of Colorado

Sept. 7         Welcomed Gen Mark Milley, Chief of Staff, US Army

Sept. 24       48 CTG Participants traveled to Norfolk Tidewater area; visits to Air Combat           Command at Langley AFB; Fleet Forces Command at Naval Station Norfolk; and Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Ft. Eustis, VA

Sept 28       State of the Wing, Peterson AFB

Nov, 2018    Annual Military Appreciation Holiday Party Broadmoor

Other Initiatives in 2018 include establishment of Ft. Carson Task Force 2022; launched initial stages of Colorado Thirty Group Center of Expertise for US Air Force Academy; initiated state-wide collaboration including Chambers of Commerce in Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs to address launch of the new US Space Command.